Whitelist Request

Updated: 17-Jun-2021
Whitelist Request
You must be on our whitelist before your downloads are accepted. The whitelist process means you should get more traffic from us because less sites are being accepted. We're trying to only link clean user-friendly sites.

Please read the rules before submitting:
1. No popups or redirects
2. No demos or shareware
3. No links with exe installs or spyware/malware
4. Submit only unique download links; duplicates will be removed
5. Do not use fancy symbols or all CAPS in title
6. Forum posts must be accessible by guests
7. All pages must be clean and fast loading
8. You can submit once every 24 hours up to 20 downloads

If you would like to link to us...

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<a href="https://warezomen.com" title="WarezOmen"><img src="/warezomen.jpg" width="88" height="31"/></a>

NOTE: Please SAVE button to your own server!

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<a href="https://warezomen.com" title="WarezOmen">WarezOmen</a>

Please follow all the rules or your whitelist request will not be accepted

Site URL (main page):

Example: mysite.com

Example Download Page:

Example: mysite.com/download.html

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